Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what's my name?

Since we did not reveal Paisley's name until she was born, some people didn't know how we decided on the name Paisley Reece for our sweet baby girl.

For a few years, I wanted to name my daughter Brooklyn or Madison. I just loved these names and thought they were perfect. But when I got pregnant, these names were EVERYWHERE. They just didn't seem like any fun anymore when there were so many of them.

We were both positive that we were having a boy from very early on. This felt like a little bit of relief because entering into the world of girl names seemed like a daunting task. But when we found out we were having a girl, I had to dive straight in. We really liked a lot of the popular girl names, you know, the ones that were like top 10 for 2010. But I knew she would be one of five girls in her class named Olivia, Grace, or Bella. Andrew had been taking a more relaxed approach (whooda thunk? ;D) to the whole name game as I was scouring the internet daily. One day when I was about 5 1/2 months preggo, he said to me- "What about Paisley?". I loved it. From the moment I heard it. I thought it was so cute.

Andrew was thinking along these lines:
Brad Paisley- semi-annoying country singer.
But I was thinking of this:

When she is 40, hopefully it will still be cool, but if not, she'll be damaged forever from our doing HA! So here's our top names that didn't make the cut. No hating!

Reagan- super cute. Number 2 in the running. Just didn't feel that it was her.
Macy- again-adorable. But when it came down to it, we have a lot of "S" sounds when combining this with our last name.
Reece-we had the same problem with the "S" sounds. But when it came down to picking a middle name, I felt this fit the best, so we went with it. Now I'm so glad I did.

As you can see, we really did not throw around many names. Nothing seemed to "fit". I hope we have not ruined you forever and that you can be a cool kid with the name Paisley. Love, Mommy & Daddy.

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