Monday, February 21, 2011

 Nothing to say. Just loving my little girl. Oh, did I already say that 478 times on this blog? Right. Well, because it's true.
Born in the FABULOUS USA shirt from Auntie Nycole :)

The playmat from a whole new perspective.

He gets her into these weird positions that she seems to be comfortable with. But she's always keeping one eye on mommy :)

Things I'm loving month 3:
diaper genie. I was advised against buying this by many people for the specific reason that you have to buy specialized bags. But when it came down to buying a trash can for the nursery, I just couldn't find the perfect one and they are SO expensive. So, we spent the 29.99 on the Diaper Genie Elite II (ooh fancy!) and tried it out. LOVE it. Because no trash can would only have to be taken out once a week for this kinda thing. And no trash can would mask the lovely smells that this thing holds.
bulb syringe. My doctor advises against it. I think it's the most genious thing I've ever seen and will continue to use it as needed :) Oh, and by the way, I also have booger tweezers. Found 'em on amazon and would not have survived this past month of a cold without the two above mentioned items!
activity mat. Oh, she loves this thing. and I can change the toys out for new scenery whenever I want!
Still loving: boppy, mam paci's, pamper's sensitive products, swing.
We had to leave the PUJ tub behind and move to a big-girl tub. I don't regret buying the PUJ. It was perfect for months 0-3. But she doesn't really fit in the sink anymore without folding her into a pretzel so we went with this one. Love all the toys that come with it.

Did I mention I have a rollie pollie? Yes, rolls to one side, not the other, not completley over, just one side. Watch mommy freak out and run to get the camera :) (She must be a genius!)

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