Monday, November 21, 2011

not my normal weekend post

There is a pile of laundry on my bedroom floor that I just keep sifting through to find something that's not dirty or wrinkled enough to be noticeable. My car needs a good cleaning, my floors need a moppin', and I'm tired. I’m keeping up just enough so that there’s a walkway to my bed. :)

My best friend is was(boo-hoo!) in town.

We only get once a year to fall back into our old ways.

Ice cream run at nine. (which is WAY past the time I leave the house. EVER.)

ice cream
Breakfast with more friends.

three girls
When Nycole used to live here, she took this for granted.

She helps me to appreciate it once again.

She loves my baby because I love my baby and she loves me. Get it? Well, I love that she loves my baby because she is mine. We talked about the day when we would have kids all the time. Here we are .


This weekend, my goal was to get our Christmas card pictures done. The weather did not seem to want to oblige. We decided to rough it and were out there for less than three minutes. Pea's teeth started chattering and I had forgotten my coat. My opportunity was gone. We'll have to make it happen somehow. So here's a spoiler, since they aren't gonna work out for, well, obvious reasons.

So, driving around, heater on, rainy weather, and Nycole talking about how much she wanted the Home Alone soundtrack made my weekend. Along with my husband cooking two amazing dinners, and someone trying to teach my daughter to say "Cole!" every two seconds (which never came to fruition).



Kathryn said...

I love your first family xmas should use'll be a classic! It's fun to have something it!

Lost&Found said...

Your little one is adorable! And how cute is that bow in her hair!!?!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love visits from great friends :)


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