Wednesday, November 23, 2011

we’re at home today

Paisley went home two days in a row sick, but with no conclusive illness. Overall, she just seems super tired and suffering from allergies. I’m currently listening to Bubble Guppies talk about how many stamps it will take to mail a watermelon. Nine, if you must know.

I have to go to the store today to buy potatoes and a few other things for Thanksgiving. I also need to go to the post office (I know, right? What a dummy).

I really should get my favorite things she’s doing right now on video. One of them is her dog sound and one is the way she asks for more :) She has gotten really stingy with her kisses lately. I literally rejoice when I get one. No matter how slobbery or boogery it is.


I know it’s kinda early to think about this, but I wonder how we will handle chores with our kids. Growing up, we never got allowance, but we also never had any set weekly chores. We just did things as we were told. I thought it was a pretty easy going way of doing things, but I wonder how much we actually helped out? I might implement an allowance system with my kids because I'd really like to teach them how to work for their money, save and spend wisely. For now, I will worry about dog sounds and dirty diapers though!


Trying to brush dad’s hair with it.


Happy Thanksgiving.

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