Monday, November 14, 2011

little mama

The long weekend left us satisfied. We decided to do a whole lot of nothing and that was probably a good plan, because we were met Friday with a sinus infection. After a few rounds of antibiotics and some extra sleep, my girl was good to go. Until she started getting a skin-eating diaper rash.
Off to the Dr. we went again today, we will be spending time in oatmeal baths and piling on the butt cream. How she smiles through all of this, I’m not sure. She definitely has a unshakeable positivity about her.
Chores and laundry are the general theme of the weekend and my girl has no problems joining in with whatever Mama is doing. She takes care of her own baby.


She helps dust.


Helps me put on my “face” in the morning.


And dresses up in my clothes, too.


I wish that every morning and night didn’t have to start and end like this, but right now, it does. We’ll take this over a killer fever any day.


Let’s cross our fingers for a good week :)


1 comment:

Jen + Jeff said...

Little girls are so much fun! I love the dress-up photo:)

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