Wednesday, November 9, 2011

these days

What does our day look like when we have the whole day to the three of us?

Different, but mostly the same, really. Paisley’s favorite breakfast right now is blueberries and pancakes. Or even better; blueberry pancakes!
There’s a nap somewhere between ten and noon, which is usually prompted by a mommy rocking and cuddle session.
Afternoons are spent running errands or keeping busy outside. In the evenings, Andy cooks and we finish off with our nightly rituals.

Here’s a peek.

Morning. Six-thirty-ish.
We let the fresh air in and play quietly while dad gets a few extra zzz’s.

Nine-ish. Depending on when it gets warm, wagon rides are in order.
IMG_5783 IMG_5785

All day. The girl ALWAYS wants to play outside.

Afternoon. There’s a tiiiny bit of grown-up time in there. Until there’s not.

With cuddles in between.


We never skip bath time. It’s the heal-all winding down activity of the day. Unless, of course dad is in the tub with her :) Then it’s more like splash time.

Bedtime is always done the same way, the same time, the way we all like it. With stories, of course. Right now we are liking Skippy John Jones, Baby Sign Language, any feeler books, and some Sesame Street.

We get our real grown-up time after seven when the girl is fast asleep. We like to watch our DVR’d shows(me), play PS3(not me), catch up on emails, and edit and blog! Oh yeah, and dessert!

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Lost&Found said...

Such a beautiful family you have! I can't wait until the fiance and I have our first :) I can only imagine the feeling!


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