Saturday, December 15, 2012

holiday magic


I have to put into words the magic of last weekend. The holiday activities were just never-ending and the weekend was the perfect one to get us into the Christmas spirit. Three Christmas parties, one tour of lights with Mamu and Papa, one visit to the train, annual Holiday Home Tour, and a few games of football and mom’s chili on a Sunday really left me so satisfied on Monday. I even managed to get most of the laundry done and the house was semi-clean, but who really cares after a weekend like that?

We had already set up our tree, so we have been enjoying that, and I even took some time to wrap a few gifts and put them under the tree.

A “sick” girl on Monday gave me one more day to finish up chores, cuddle with my girl, and even get a Pinterest project done! She was diagnosed with a double ear infection, but had been in a great mood all weekend and only had cold/allergy symptoms. Obviously at the tail end of her ear infection, she was so excited to go to school the next day. Seeing her friends come up and hug her as she walked in the classroom was so sweet.


Us at the train. It’s a 1/8th scale train that you can sit on that a local built on their property, complete with lights and music on the ride! Even though you can’t see anything, we were out in the cold waiting for the train for an hour and Paisley was an angel the entire time. We were surprised we had no episodes, but riding the train will be our new family tradition. I think Papa enjoyed it more than anyone, as he was fantasizing about building one in his own yard.

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