Friday, December 7, 2012

just getting by

Looks like this month will be another period of slapping some pictures on here and calling it good. Lightroom is so backed up with photos, I don’t even know if it’s worth sharing them anymore! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to Christmas even more. We have already started company parties, planning with both families, and put up the tree.


As I mentioned before, Paisley’s behavior has been a huge challenge for us lately (she’s an angel at school, go figure!) and we were starting to wonder where we went wrong. Add to that the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend where she decided not to nap on any of the days without a huge fight. Two of the days, we skipped it all together after hours of trying quiet time and other measures. Last week, she again had a huge breakthrough in her communication and started using her words instead of crying, started practicing a little more patience, and in general being more pleasurable to be around. Her new thing the past week has been “Okay, Mommy” or “Alright, Mommy” and also being agreeable by saying “Yes” or “Okay” for instance when we tell her she needs to eat two more bites before she can have cookies. Wow…we thought we were sinking there for awhile but like all things, it’s on the upside again.


Today’s nap has already been over 2 hours, so I think we are winning already. On that note, let me slap in some photos and get this posted!


This day, Paisley informed me that I was wearing “Daddy’s shirt”.


Thanksgiving feast at school. Look how happy this little bug is! :)


Our first Thanksgiving in our new house really felt like home. (And I made my first Turkey!)


Offering me “tea” at bath time.


Reason #856 I can’t use my flash.


Early morning walk with my girl.


Watching the Rockefeller Tree lighting.


Sally Hansen “Kitty, Kitty” nails.


My two cozies by the tree.






Fall came to my town, two months late. She educated me on the fact that the leaves fell from the trees. So cute.


My “uniform”. Sometimes I change up the shoes. I can’t help it that whenever I walk out of my closet, I’m wearing the same-ish thing most days.


No filter. Fall…um, Winter leaves.


Me & my girl.


I have been listening to SO much Christmas music lately, but when I need a break, I LOVE my Adele Pandora station, especially since it’s mostly Sara and Adele :)

Happy weekend to you! One company party down, three to go…

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