Tuesday, December 18, 2012

weekends at home


I will never stop going on about how I love to spend my weekends at home with my two favorites. On Thanksgiving weekend, we had such a wonderful time having family over, and the following day, we decided to break out the tree.

Andrew does such a great job of doing little special things that he knows I like. Ahem, not complaining about the 24/7 Christmas music in the house, making hot chocolate by surprise right before we lit up the tree, and being so patient with our girl as she empties out the Christmas box like a little hurricane. Paisley’s favorite ornament was the “coffee” and she was seen numerous times alone with the tree and the Nutcracker, pointing her finger at him telling him “No bite!”.

Our normal dance parties in the kitchen were accompanied by a styling outfit picked out by Frankenstein, herself. Our Sundays are long baths, lots of laundry, and hoping that Monday will just disappear.

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