Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nursery Reveal-Oh yeah, and I'm FULL TERM!!

I have some people who live far, far away that have been waiting for this...I guess waiting this long was punishment to them for not coming to visit me and see it in the flesh! ;) But since I love ya, (and I'm so excited about this room being done) here's what we got.

First things first: I knew that if I had a girl, I was going to torture her with the girliest, cutsiest stuff I could find. Sorry ahead of time. If you are not vomiting pink by the end of this post, then I have not done my job. Nuff said.

The spot where I will be spending LOTS of time nursing my little darling! (side table is from IKEA)

(lamp is from IKEA as well)

Andy repainted this shelf that we already had and made it polka-dotted! I LOVE IT!

Okay, so she has a few outfits... ;)

This wall is empty now, I'm working on a little craft that will go here. This is the dresser/changing table that matches the BEAUTIFUL crib that my parents gave us!

The wall sticker was purchased from ETSY and I love the way it turned out!

This seems like quite the collection of diapers, but I know it's really not that much!

I'm hoping that these will work out well for some organization in the closet. Love IKEA again!!

These used to be brown and I had hubs spray paint them. I used them in my living room a million years ago and decided they'd work in the nursery.

This pillow was a surprise from my amazing mom. She made it and it just fits perfectly there! (Thanks mom!)

Okay, my precious girl- we are ready for you! I'm counting the days and can't wait to hold you, smell you, and kiss you endlessly. Your daddy is just asking everyday that you come out and meet him!

No dilation yet, but lots of Braxton Hicks and cramping. I think she may have dropped some, because for the past few nights I have been feeling pressure and have achy hips at night. She responds to me patting my belly and I love it! Sometimes I swear a foot is just going to pop straight through my skin! Lots of rolling and movement. She is sitting right on my sciatica and that has been interesting as well. We are definitely in the home stretch and my body is feeling it!

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Sarah [] said...

Love it all! I'm so doing owls for our next baby, boy or girl!

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