Sunday, July 22, 2012

little things, our things


It’s Sunday. There’s piles of laundry to be done, bathrooms that need scrubbing, and I’m sure a few other things around the house that need some attention. But something keeps drawing me back to the stool, at the bar, in front of the computer. I need a shower and there’s swimming, naps, snacks, dinner prep, and grocery shopping that need to be done. But I’m here. It feels good to recount and re-live the good little moments that we’ve had over the past few weeks just being US. What we know best.



Cereal is a treat. It’s a messy, slow meal. But she loves it.


Morning walks.

We’ve been doing it since she was a baby. Except now she’s walking herself. Taking charge, not wanting to ride in the wagon, but pulling it herself. It’s only in the 90’s by the time we get out there at 8 or 9, but 105 and 110 are soon to come, so we make the best of the sliver of the morning we can get out.


After nap.

Rejuvenation is the only word for how my babe feels. She babbles until we slip out of our silence and greet her again. She usually wants books handed to her so she can read them in her crib for a few minutes until she decides she’s ready to get out. I have a feeling that this is partially a ploy to suck on her binky for a little while longer. Her curly hair is at it’s best and she’s happy, ready for the second part of our day.

IMG_1843 copyIMG_1848 copyIMG_1850 copy

Story time.

Undoubtedly the favorite time of the day. Sometimes she wants to read her own while daddy reads aloud, and she knows to point things out at certain times in each book. What we are reading lately: Yummy Yucky, Go, Dog, Go!, ABC’s, No No, Yes Yes, Llama Llama Misses Mama, I Love You Forever, and Quiet Loud.


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kathryn said...

Her hair is getting so's beautiful! Love the pictures of her reading with Daddy...sooooo cute!

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