Sunday, July 8, 2012

to the beach, 2012



We had an amazing time at the beach with my best friend Nycole who lives across the country and came for a visit. I really pushed myself to go out on a limb (sad, I know) and drive a few hours with a less-than-two-year-old in tow by myself. I knew the end result would be great, but boy was I nervous about getting caught on the I-405 ripping my hair out because my daughter wants out of her car seat now. As it would happen, my little angel slept the entire way both there and back, behaved perfectly in a restaurant for 2 hours without getting up, and was so enamored with the ocean that she jumped right in in her clothes.


Let’s talk about the fact first that Nycole is a full time nanny (boogers wiped, cries answered, strap her into the car seat, carry her, change her diaper). So, I have it made in the best friend department. ;)

On the way from the restaurant to the beach, Pea got carsick and threw up EVERYWHERE. She happily helped me clean it up without blinking and we were on our way. )I guess we can’t go out of town to the beach without Paisley throwing up??)



Paisley  ruled  us at the beach. She had no mercy, did not want us holding her back, did not mind getting dirty, cold, soaked, or her heavy sundress weighing her down. What a trooper. Can we talk about go with the flow? Her adaptability amazes me! On any given day, it’s more normal for me to be freaking out about something that won’t be (and never was) a problem. So, I went with it and we rubbed sunscreen over her sandy body like a bath scrub, we peeled off her wet dress for a swimmy diaper and a bathing suit, and took her in the water. Well, Nycole pretty much did, because I’m the smart type of person who wore a maxi dress and thought we’d just ‘dip our feet in’. HA!


More to come!


last year’s beach trip to Santa Monica : part one | part two 

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