Sunday, July 1, 2012

sweet summer nights

It’s pretty typical during the summer months for everyone to go outside pretty early in the morning and then retreat in for the rest of the day until the sun is setting over the mountains. Streets become busy with kids riding their bikes and people walk their dogs in the late evening. We use this time to exhaust Miss Pea before bed. She has an affinity for darting out towards the street and smiling like it’s funny. It gives us a heart attack and she continues to laugh. After a long, rough weekend, outside fresh air was just what we needed.


Last weekend was a LONG one because Pea was not feeling well. Teething + being sick is probably not much fun, yet I’m still amazed at how well she deals with things, even when I know she’s in pain. She hung out half clothed, and also hindered helped Daddy in the kitchen.


The other day I let Paisley call her “Mamu” while she was sitting in her car seat and I was driving. She never hung up on accident, kept the conversation going, and I could not believe that as I was driving down the road, she was in the backseat talking on the phone. Kid’s not even two.


Indoor activities. We find the best of them. :)


Is this what it looks like to me? Looks like baby target practice.

IMG_1588 copyIMG_1592IMG_1594IMG_1599IMG_1613IMG_1615IMG_1616IMG_1621IMG_1625IMG_1629IMG_1631 IMG_1602

Yesterday we went to the beach with my bestie, Nycole, and my baby girl had an absolute blast. Can’t wait to upload those pictures. We are going to the pool today because I really have realized Paisley loves swimming. (I also love not blinding people with my whiteness, so there’s something in it for me as well.) I was a water baby, too. Grandma’s pool was the place to be and we spent no less than 3 days a week there in the summertime growing up.

My hunny just took some fresh baked bread out of the oven, so this post is definitely over. Instagram and beach pictures to come.

IMG_1604 copy

A dirty, boogery face only a mother could appreciate.



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Ariel Tyler said...

These pictures are soo sweet!

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