Tuesday, July 10, 2012

to the beach 2012, part II


Part One


We joked that there was going to be no beach left, as Paisley’s goal was to throw every bit of sand she could grab back in the water.

It was such a lovely beach. We worked to get there, winding through tiny, expensive beach houses scouring the side streets for a parking lot. Sure, there was plenty of room at the big beach areas, but Nycole had already told me about this little perfect place on the harbor that is basically like being at a lake. She was right.

It delivered.

I’ve already told Andy that we’ll have to return to this spot, finally try paddle boarding like we saw in Hawaii, and actually lay out and relax. He did not hesitate to agree :) The vibe was so friendly, we even had more than one person offer to let us use their paddleboards! Paisley wouldn’t get on in the end, but it was too cute to watch the other little girl float along.


Like mother, like daughter


Can we please just say that those white legs are all due to editing?! Time of day? Reflection of the water?

We quickly realized that Paisley wanted to do more than just put her feet in and she wasn’t even held back by the weight of her layered sundress. Luckily, I had a bathing suit for her in the care (yes, it was only by chance) and we changed her and she could actually ‘swim’ with Nycole. She loved every second in that water.


If you can’t already see it, there was a Paisley/Nycole love-fest going on here. From the first three minutes it took her to get comfortable with her, Paisley wanted “Na-Na” all day. I can see why…she’s the fun one! We joke all the time about what it would take to have Nycole stay with us and be OUR nanny permanently. (Hello, Nycole-are you listening?)

IMG_1756IMG_1758 copyIMG_1760IMG_1761IMG_1762IMG_1763IMG_1768IMG_1771IMG_1774IMG_1775


Such a little grinch smile :)


And my favorite from the day-

IMG_1773 copy


Happy Tuesday.


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Kristin said...

What a wonderful trip! Such a gift that you got to spend time with your best friend, and too adorable that your little girl took right to her! The perfect summer day if you ask me :-)

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